"She sat up with a heavy breathing and stared at the bald wall, in her thoughts, forgotten the world around her.
Her view fell to the right on an old, large mirror... She breathed more calmly, her hands covered the blanket on which she sat quietly... And stared at the mirror.
Seconds passed, minutes... Hours?
Her lids became heavy, trembling stopped and her body tilted to the side... Till she raised with a shock from her bed. "Disappear!", she sweard in a sharp tone which let her wince. Did she say it loud? Nevertheless... He should hear it. It was addressed to him... But she didn't continue to think about it, because her view fell of the mirror again. With careful steps she went on it... She heard a quiet crack caused by the soil, the rain sizzled against the window. When did it begin to rain? Could it be that she were in thoughts and did not realize anything? It would have been beautiful, if she didn't always have the same thoughts... And finally she would occupy of something else.
She slowed her steps the more near she came to the mirror and before it, she stopped it. How long is this already been done? Were it months? Since when she was with him? For years... But she couldn't remember that she ever thought so much about that.
She sagged down... She looked towards the soil and tricked her eyes togethers. When she opened her eyes slowly, she looked into the mirror again... As she did it the whole time before.
A few seconds later, she began to cry... Tears rolled her cheeks down like bare fire, like they would burn her skin. It hurt to see how she saw herself in the mirror. Desperate. Lost control of herself.
Her left hand slid over her cheek, it felt warm... Her right hand drove gently over the mirror, which felt cold, contrary to her tears, which dropped on her hand. Nearly she would have forgotten why she sat there and cried... Till she looked into the mirror. Suddenly he appeared behind her.
She twitched and stared at the mirror, fear to turn. Suddenly... she drew back with her right hand and struck with the fist on the mirror. It broke in thousand individual parts and with it, the mirror image broke, too...
But before she could turn, he embraced her.
She let her arms fall to the soil, loosely, closed her eyes...
And smiled."

Interessant, aber auch seltsam, was man so alles findet.. o_O

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